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The Original Patented Large Foam Golf Ball Game!

Softgolf Balls

Softgolf is a full swing golf game played with a 4 1/2 inch diameter foam ball and 3 large faced golf clubs. The holes are 12 inches in diameter. On a good hit the ball will travel about 55 yards. The fairways and holes may range anywhere from 30 yards (par 3) up to 140 yards (par 5)! We saved the best for last: Softgolf can be played day or night. The balls glow in the dark via phosphorescence, and the holes, flags, tee off areas, and score card stands will light up with LED lights and solar power!

Who Can Play?
Softgolf is fun for the entire family! Because everything is on a larger scale when compared to conventional golf, anybody from age 4 to 104 can Softgolf Balls enjoy playing Softgolf, no matter what physical challenges they may have. But Softgolf is for serious golfers as well. The best of the best among novice hopefuls will compete in the World Softgolf Championship every year!

Coming Soon!
The first Softgolf course in over 20 years will be opening soon somewhere in the greater Tampa Bay area! Although we have not found an exact location yet and our prices will be determined by overall property costs, we are going to try to keep our prices low and affordable.

Softgolf History

Going Green
Softgolf is a "Green business"! Not only are the greens green, but they are also "Green" as in earth friendly! The greens will be artificial turf! Many may argue that artificial turf is not "Green" but because they are artificial turf, they do not require watering and they do not have to be cut with an expensive gas eating, polluting, lawn cutting machine! That is "Green"!

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