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Fun Before Wedding Day

Bachelor or Bachelorette Party at Softgolf to get the night started

Your best friend is getting married and you want to throw them the best party before they walk down the aisle. But with COVID still in our midst you’re perplexed and frustrated as to what you can do before your friend says, “I do.”

You could go to a restaurant and social distance, shots from six feet away? Not happening.  And you sure don’t want to potentially expose anyone to COVID right before the big day.

Have a picnic? Boring.

There’s got to be something that’s fun and safe, right?

Wait a sec, what about Softgolf? YES!!!!!





Softgolf is the perfect place to celebrate your friend's upcoming nuptials. Fun, easy to social distance, and affordable you and your friends will be laughing and having a great time together at Softgolf. You can even have the bride/groom heckled by Hector the Heckling Hole. 

Call 302-757-5927 or email [email protected]

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