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It's Fundraising Time

Non-Profit Fundraiser

It’s been a rough year for nonprofits. Your go-to fundraising events are on the back burner and how many virtual events will attract the donors you need? Your supporters are on Zoom overload and long for something they can do in person.

You need something new, something different, something safe where social distancing is easy,  something you’ve never tried before. Softgolf? YES! Softgolf! Host a Softgolf fundraiser for a truly unique donation drive.

How’s it work? Like conventional golf tournaments, you can have sponsors, closest to the pin, mulligans, and hole-in-one contests. Unlike a typical golf tournament, Softgolf attracts your non-golfing and golfing supporters alike because it’s user-friendly yet full swing like regular golf making it challenging for your avid golfers.

We’ll do a shotgun start and even offer two start times to maximize donations. You can choose 9 or 18 holes, offer prizes, silent auctions, and more. Because Softgolf only takes an hour to play (9 holes) it's perfect for an afternoon or morning tournament not taking up your players' entire day. 

For more information call 302-757-5927 or email [email protected].

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