Softgolf™ Rules & Regulations

Waiver and rules

Like all games we have rules so all players have fun and stay injury free. Anyone participating in Softgolf™ must agree to and sign a waiver and follow all of the rules and regulations.


  1.  All Children 12 and under must be accompanied and closely monitored by an adult to play Softgolf™. 
  2. Please leave the flags in the holes at all times. 
  3. Please do not hit the ball off the gravel.  
  4.  To find the tee off area for the next hole, go in the direction that the arrow is pointing (located inside every hole). 
  5. Red lights are warning area (dips in the ground, water hazards, etc.) Please be cautious around  them.
  6.  Please be careful....don't walk or stand behind anyone swinging a club and look behind you before you swing a club. ( We suggest you stand on the face side of the golfers swing clubs at the thee off areas). 
  7. No running or horse play.  Don't bang clubs on the ground or throw them. 
  8. The balls and clubs can be energized under the lights located at every score card stand.
  9. Do not tamper with any lights. 



We recommend you complete the mandatory Waiver and Questionnaire before you come out to play Softgolf.™  You can download and print it out below. 


Below are the rules and regulations along with the waiver that must be signed before participating in Softgolf™.