World Softgolf™ Championship

After 31 Years.......


That's right after 31 years we hosted  the World  Softgolf Championship and we have the pictures to prove it.  

Fun was had by all despite it being a hot mid-September day.  I thought it was supposed to be nice in North Carolina  in September.  We appreciate the competitors who qualified and traveled to play. And mostly we're thankful for Blanche Baldorossi who came from New Jersey to be there to cheer our Softgolfers on and hand out the trophies. Blanche along with Ray's dad were the initial Softgolf patent holders and ran the first Softgolf course in Delran, NJ. 

At a spry 91 Blanche's cheerful spirit made the day especially when she was surprised to find the women's and girls trophies named after her.  The men's and boys  trophies were named after Ray's dad, Raymond Baldorossi, Sr. 

Thanks to our winners:

Men's Division: Doug Overbay

Women's Division:  Beth Glover

Girls Division: Maggie Vaughan

Boys Division: Hartley Vaughan

Fast forward to 2020.  The World Softgolf Championship will be held in October. We'll begin qualifying tournaments in May.   

Scratch golfer or novice it's time to play  in the World Softgolf Championship.