World Softgolf™ Championship

After 31 Years.......


What? A World Softgolf™ Championship? Yes, that's right on September 15th, 2019 we're hosting the World Softgolf™ Championship at Tanglewood Park. It's the first one since 1988. Exciting, right?  We're excited too!

In order to compete for the Championship you need to score in the lowest 20th for 18 holes throughout all the  qualifying rounds which begin on May 18, 2019. You only need to qualify once in order to play at the World Softgolf™ Championship however you can compete in as many qualifying rounds as you'd like. Qualifying tournament is $30.00 for 18 holes. 

There's no entry fee for the Championship once you qualify. All ages and gender will compete together during the qualifying rounds. There will be age and gender brackets on Championship day with an overall winner. 

Interested in Qualifying for the World Softgolf Championship? 

Call 302-757-5927 

Last Day to Qualify is September 14

Championship Date:

Sunday, September 15th - 12:00 pm

Rain Dates - September 21 & 22

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