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Finally A Durable Ball

New Brighter Balls!

 When my parents started Softgolf™  in 1979 we were hand making the balls from a machine from 1960's washing machine parts, skateboard wheels, skill saw and PVC pipe. Each foam ball took over an hour to make and only lasted three months at most. In time we found better foam yet a highly durable ball was still impossible to create.

It became my mission to develop a highly durable ball that could endure wide temperature changes and rough handling. After forty years of research, this year I finally was able to develop a ball that met my specifications. You're going to LOVE the new Softgolf™  balls! Brightly colored they'll hit well no matter what the temperature. And you'll be able to see them easily when playing at night. 

I'm still hand making the balls and it still takes about an hour. In time we hope to find a manufacturer to make the balls for us. In the meantime, come out to Tanglewood Park  in Clemmons, NC and test them out for yourself!  We look forward to seeing you there!  


Calling All Animal Lovers

Swing for Fursyth, Humane Society Fundraiser


They look at you with THOSE eyes wanting nothing but affection (and food).  They’re sweet, fun, playful, love you unconditionally and are often your best friend.  Your children? NO! Although they’re completely loveable, I’m talking about your pets your cats and dogs, the ones who are always happy to see you. Your furry companions add joy and companionship to your life (and mine too) yet sadly there are dogs and cats sitting in shelters yearning for a forever home and at risk for being euthanized if not adopted.  

I know, I know you can’t bring home yet another pet so HOW can you help save some of these sweet furry friends? By playing Softgolf on August 6th from 5:00-10:00 pm.  What, I get to have fun and help save an animal? Yes, I know it sounds almost too good to be true yet for a mere $12.00 (the cost of one round of Softgolf) you can help Forsyth Humane Society reach its goal of a 90% save rate for shelter animals. 

We’re donating 25% proceeds directly to Forsyth Humane Society to help them save more shelter pet lives and find forever homes for these dogs and cats. We’ll have a closest to the pin contest and FREE dog treats donated by The Natural Dog Pet Food Market. 

The fundraiser is listed on our Facebook page under Events  so please share it, tell your friends, family and co-workers to have some fun and play Softgolf on August 6th between 5:00 and 10:00 pm. Last tee-off is at 9:30. You can reserve your tee-off time at www.softgolf.net