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Behind the Fun: Softgolf's Journey and Vision

In 1974, in the vibrant city of Orlando, Florida, Softgolf's founder had a groundbreaking moment during a traditional golf game. His golf ball veered off course and landed next to a 4-inch diameter souvenir basketball, sparking a unique idea. With a single swing, he watched in awe as the larger ball soared off his club. This serendipitous encounter led to the birth of Softgolf's innovative concept, where full-swing golf meets oversized equipment, transforming the game into an approachable and incredibly enjoyable experience.

Driven by the vision of making golf accessible and fun for individuals of all skill levels and abilities, Softgolf has extended its impact beyond the greens. The company actively supports non-profit organizations like Scout Reach, Blind Power, Special Olympics, Fostering Faith, and Habitat for Humanity, aligning with its mission to positively influence at-risk youth and communities. By fostering connections, reducing stress, and enhancing cognitive well-being through play, Softgolf not only changes the lives of its customers but also shapes the game of golf itself. 

With notable figures like Tony and John Sacca, Geoffrey Surrett, Tom Hearns, and Ron Jaworski endorsing Softgolf, the company has left an indelible mark on the golfing world. Softgolf is not merely a game; it's a pathway to unity, mental agility, and endless enjoyment, embodying the mantra that softgolf can indeed be "The World's Most Fun Golf Game."

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