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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to play Softgolf™?
While there’s no minimum age you do need to be 3 feet or taller to play. Typically we recommend ages 6 and older.

What kind of clubs do you use when playing Softgolf™?
Softgolf™ has three large faced clubs. A putter, a Cleek (like a 3 iron) and a Skupr (like an 8 iron) for playing. The weight of the clubs are the same as traditional golf yet the club faces are larger so you can easily hit the large foam ball making it easier and we dare say more fun than regular golf.

What skill level do you need to play Softgolf™?
Here’s where it really gets fun because Softgolf™ is perfect for ALL skill levels whether you’ve never hit a golf ball or you’re a pro on the circuit. Experienced golfers like the way that Softgolf™ utilizes the same fundamental skills as conventional golf. Novice golfers like Softgolf™ because it is very forgiving and it evens the playing field so they can be somewhat competitive with an experienced golfer. 

How many people can play Softgolf™ at once?
Anywhere from one to six players can play in a group. While Softgolf™ encourages everyone to learn the proper etiquette of conventional golf, we put more emphasis on everyone having fun and unwinding from everyday stress. After everyone takes turns hitting their first shot at the tee off box, Softgolfers tend to all spread out and will often hit their second (third… etc) shots at the same time or in no particular order. Once everyone reaches the greens they take turns putting in random order. 

I’m left handed, do you have clubs for me?
No problem lefty, we’ve got you covered. There’s left handed clubs, right handed clubs as well as clubs for different heights starting at 3 feet tall to over 6 feet tall.

How big is the Softgolf™ course?
Currently the course is 9 holes and must be walked. Most of the holes are par fours that vary between 70 yards and 90 yards. The shortest hole is a par three about 35 yards long and the longest hole is a par 5 that is about 125 yards long. Unlike traditional golf courses our course is mostly flat and smaller (approximately 6 acres) which makes it easy for people of varied fitness levels to play. So come on out and get some exercise!

What happens if I get hit with a Softgolf™ ball?
Lucky for you, the 4 ⅜” diameter  Softgolf™ ball is foam and it doesn’t hurt if you get hit with it. Now we don’t recommend you hitting someone with the ball, in fact there’s safety rules you must understand in order to play Softgolf™ yet the ball itself is safe. 

Can I drop my kids off to play Softgolf™?
While we love kids if they’re 16 or under they must be accompanied by an adult or have the signature of an adult claiming responsibility for them and their actions.

How safe is it to play Softgolf™ at night?
Not only is it safe it’s FUN! We make sure everything from the clubs, balls, scorecard stands, flag poles and holes illuminate in the dark so it’s easy to see the course. Everyone is required to wear a glow in the dark lanyard too just so you know where your friends and family are. We made sure the grounds are safe from potentially hazardous areas. The grounds are relatively dark but there is some ambience in the area so you can see where you are walking. 

How much does Softgolf™ cost?
The cost per person is  $11.24 + tax = $12.00. We try to keep it simple.  We recommend making a reservation online it saves you time because your tee time is guaranteed. We will do our best to find a spot for patrons that come without reservations but patrons that have reservations take precedence so there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to play without a reservation.

Can I bring my group to play Softgolf™?
Absolutely! Softgolf™ is a great game for groups whether it’s Scouts, your sports team, seniors, birthday party, sororities, fraternities, church groups, family reunions, or business team building. It’s a fun, interactive way to create unity and have a little competition too!

What if I have a reservation and it’s raining?
Great question! Because Softgolf™ is an outdoor game from time to time we have to shut down due to poor weather conditions. These include:

  • Thunderstorms 
  • High Winds
  • Rain
  • Temperatures below 58 degrees  
  • Snow

However, too much heat is not a factor. In extremely hot weather, we will do our best to keep you cool with our misting fans and plenty of cold water. Caution and common sense should be used for elderly people and people with health conditions. 

We look forward to seeing you at Softgolf™ at Tanglewood Park next to the dog park.

A Fun Golf Game For All Ages

Fun Facts About Softgolf™

How it Started

The concept of Softgolf™ started in 1974 and it took 5 years from concept, research, developing prototypes, receiving patents to the first operation in Delran, NJ in 1979.  Ray, Jr.s parents Raymond, Sr. and Blanche Baldorossi operated the first Softgolf™ course serving raving fans and repeat customers for ten years.

Fast forward to today.  Softgolf ™ now has a durable ball and equipment that glows in the dark for fun, night time golf play. 

Our Experience

Softgolf™ successfully operated in Delran, NJ for 10 years and held a World Softgolf™ Championship tournament every year. People from all over the Greater Philadelphia area lined up to enjoy this fun family activity including former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworsky.

We're excited to now have Softgolf™ in Clemmons, NC offering a new outdoor activity to the Winston Salem and greater Triad area.

Green Energy

We at Solfgolf™ believe in using green energy that's why we are committed to using solar power and green energy in our operations.


One of the recent advances in Softgolf™ is solar-powered night time play. Everything glows in the dark making it a fun and exciting night game all ages love.

The Clubs

Large faced Cleek (like a 3 iron), Skupr (like an 8 iron), and a Putter are used for hitting the ball. The clubs weigh about the same as a standard golf club which allows players to use the same swing as traditional golf. However, because of the size of the ball and the clubhead, it is much easier for novice players or those with limited physical abilities.

The larger clubs, balls and holes Softgolf™ provides allows everyone no matter what your ability to enjoy golf.

The Balls

The  Patented Foam Ball is 4 3/8 Inches originally hand made with a homemade machine using old 1960s washing machine and skateboard wheels and many other recycled parts from the 1960s. Although it still works today, Ray Jr. has recently developed a highly durable ball allowing for this unique golf game to be played in all kinds of weather and temperatures.  These bright, glow in the dark balls add excitement to this fun outdoor game.

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