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The World's Most Fun Golf Game!

Welcome to Softgolf!

Are you tired of feeling frustrated by golf? Have your kids given golf a try, only to quit because they found it too challenging? Are you searching for an outdoor game that can be enjoyed by everyone? Look no further than Softgolf, the original large-format, full-swing golf game. Softgolf provides the same experience as conventional golf, yet with oversized equipment, making it incredibly user-friendly, fun, and accessible for individuals of all skill levels and abilities. That's why we proudly proclaim it as the World's Most Fun Golf Game. Get ready to experience golf like never before with Softgolf!

Discover Softgolf: Clemmons' Premier Golf Experience!

Have you ever said "No" to playing golf because you didn't want feel bad? We get it. That's why Softgolf was invented.

Our unique oversized equipment levels the playing field between golfers and non-golfer making it a one-of-a-kind, fun-filled game that can be enjoyed whether you're a novice or pro. Softgolf ...

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Dive Into Softgolf's Playful Golfing Universe

At Softgolf, we take pride in offering customized products and services which cater to your unique golfing needs. Our commitment to delivering an exceptional golf experience extends beyond the conventional, as we partner with you to create memories that’ll last a lifetime. Whether you're planning a birthday ...

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Behind the Fun: Softgolf's Journey and Vision

In 1974, in the vibrant city of Orlando, Florida, Softgolf's founder had a groundbreaking moment during a traditional golf game. His golf ball veered off course and landed next to a 4-inch diameter souvenir basketball, sparking a unique idea. With a single swing, he watched in awe as the larger ball soared off ...

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Softgolf in the Media

Fox 8 News Business Spotlight on Softgolf™. The only large format, full swing golf game created for people of all skill levels. Play day or night. Experience the excitement! Discover Softgolf's recent media coverage and explore our videos showcasing Softgolf in action. Join us and explore the excitement for yourself!

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