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Charity Work

Part of our mission is to be a good community partner in our community and beyond. Scout Reach, Blind Power, Special Olympics, Fostering Faith, Habitat for Humanity, are among several of the non-profit organizations we support. We recently joined the board for Scout Reach to support their mission to enhance the lives of at-risk youth through scouting. We’re working with them and the Winston Salem police to have a Softgolf with a cop day at an inner-city park so they can connect with a police officer on a personal level. We want to help reach at-risk children and encourage them to make healthy choices in life, to provide them with an opportunity to learn the sport of golf, focus, self-discipline, and mental toughness. This mission along with the Scouts is to positively impact the trajectory of their lives, to help them develop confidence, resilience, good habits, and a positive mindset. Yet, our impact goes beyond Scout Reach and other community service.

Our real impact comes from the connection, fun and stress relief our customers experience through Softgolf. It’s more than a game, it’s a way for people to connect through fun. We consistently see it with our customers whether it’s families, friends or team building, people bond in a deeper way, through play. Play also improves cognitive functioning, mental well-being, creativity, problem solving and more. That’s the difference we make in our customers' lives.

In addition, Softgolf impacts the game of golf. Many of our patrons honed their golfing skills by starting with Softgolf and progressing to conventional golf. They come back to play Softgolf bringing their kids to learn the game in a less frustrating and more fun way. Some of the notable Softgolfers include Tony and John Sacca (Penn State and NFL quarterbacks), Geoffrey Surrett, current Director of the greater Philadelphia PGA who started playing Softgolf in the 1980’s and Ron Jaworski who was a regular at the Delran course. Senior Pro Tour Champion, Tom Hearns, was amazed at how much the game felt and played like conventional golf. John Reger, PGA Pro and former ESPN golf sportscaster, loves that Softgolf offers an affordable, user-friendly way for people to be introduced to the game of golf.