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Raymond F Baldorossi

CEO/ Co-Founder

Raymond F. Baldorossi, the CEO and co-founder of Softgolf™, is a remarkable individual with a wide range of talents and experiences. He embodies the spirit of innovation, creativity, and athleticism, making him the driving force behind Softgolf's success. Raymond's talents span across various domains, from entrepreneurship and invention to music and poetry. His creative and problem-solving abilities have been instrumental in shaping the unique identity of Softgolf™.

Raymond is not only a visionary businessman but also a professional athlete. His passion for sports and recreation is evident in his dedication to making Softgolf™ a symbol of fun and inclusivity. Raymond's commitment to preserving the environment is reflected in his hands-on roles, from custodian and electrician to nature lover. Softgolf™ shares his dedication through community engagement and sustainability initiatives. Raymond has been inspired by a diverse group of mentors, including Elon Musk, Katherine Johnson, and Mel Brooks. Their influence has shaped his unique perspective and contributed to Softgolf's mission and vision. Raymond lives by the wisdom of John Wooden: "Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." This philosophy drives his determination to make sports and recreation accessible to people of all abilities. In summary, Raymond F. Baldorossi's multifaceted talents and unwavering commitment to inclusivity have propelled Softgolf™ to new heights, creating a more accessible world for sports and recreation enthusiasts of all backgrounds.

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