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Looking for a golf tournament that everyone can play in? Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? It’s natural most golf tournaments attract golfers or hackers who have some knowledge and golf skills which means it excludes the non-golfers in your organization. Sure they can ride in a cart but really how fun is that?

What if you could have a tournament that leveled the playing field for everyone? One where people were laughing not cursing? One where everyone had fun? Well, now you can at Softgolf.

Softgolf’s one-of-a-kind, user-friendly golf game gives you the best of both worlds. Full swing like conventional golf your golfers will love (or hate) it because they use the same skills as on a regular golf course and user-friendly and fun makes it appealing for non-golfers. And you may be surprised who ends up winning because it truly levels the playing field.

Whether you’re a non-profit looking to raise money (see our Fundraising page) or an organization wanting to have a tournament for fun, Softgolf is the way to go. How’s it work? Like conventional golf tournaments, you can have sponsors, closest to the pin, mulligans, and hole-in-one contests. Unlike a typical golf tournament, your non-golfers will love it because it’s user-friendly yet full swing like regular golf making it challenging for your avid golfers.

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