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World Softgolf Championship

World Softgolf Championship

World Softgolf Championship

The World Softgolf Championship is the pinnacle event for Softgolf enthusiasts from around the globe. To earn a coveted spot in this prestigious tournament, players must first compete in the qualifying rounds. The road to the championship is no easy feat, as only the top 20 best scores will secure their place in the highly anticipated showdown.

This championship is where the best of the best come together to showcase their skills, precision, and passion for the game. With competitors hailing from various corners of the world, it's a testament to the universal appeal of Softgolf. As the excitement builds and the stakes get higher, the World Softgolf Championship promises an unforgettable experience for both players and spectators alike. Get ready to witness the thrill of competition and the crowning of the ultimate Softgolf champion.

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